just tea for me, thanks

kierenist said: hello my dear how have you been? :) I just wanted to tell you that I found a host family and I'll be moving to surrey/chessington which is about 45 minutes from central london in september!! So if you ever have time we could maybe meet up some time, I'll be there for around a year :) hope things are going well for you too love xx

Hello! Sorry it’s been ages since I’ve been on tumblr! Since being at uni where I am on my laptop almost 24/7 (not even kidding!) now I’ve been home I’ve not wanted to touch it at all! Ah brilliant! That’s lovely I’m glad it worked out :D I hope I have an excuse to get to London sometime in the year. But it’s always summer when I’m down (and even as I type). My uni is in Lancaster and the train ticket is eye-wateringly expensive! Maybe though. I got a first (the best you can get) at uni and I got a commendation letter for my outstanding german results! Very happy indeed. Have you had a good summer? Xx

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